Yvette Davis

Yvette Davis started playing clarinet at the age of 8. She played first chair for most of her school career. When she moved to a new school, the band director asked if she'd be willing to learn baritone sax. The bari player had just been expelled, and none of the sax players were willing to switch. Always up for a challenge Yvette agreed. After two solid weeks in the band room she performed her first jazz concert, and improv solo on the saxophone. She spent the rest of her high school years playing clarinet in concert band, and saxophone in jazz and marching band. At some point she picked up a little bassoon, and played with the cello a bit. Today Yvette plays flute with a local well-known community band. She teaches clarinet, saxophone and flute, and runs a small woodwind repair shop with her daughter. When she’s not playing or fixing instruments, Yvette helps people transform their physical, mental, and emotional health as a practicing health coach.

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