Kenaz Filan

Kenaz is a musician, writer, and author. He loves all things music and enjoys playing the clarinet as a hobby. He combines his passion for music and writing skills to help you find the best instruments and accessories for your musical journey!

What is a Mellophone

Many people are confused when they first hear the word “mellophone.”  Is it a percussion instrument like the xylophone? Is it a woodwind instrument like the saxophone? Do you make calls on it like a telephone? The mellophone is a brass instrument that, at first glance, looks like a big trumpet but which is used

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Trumpet Parts Explained

Whether you’re shopping for a new horn or simply thinking about taking up the trumpet, it’s good to do your research first.  Advertisements presume that you know the difference between a spit valve and a piston valve.  And the better you understand how a trumpet works, the better you will appreciate just what an amazing

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